$ 300.00 plus HST per Season.

Providence Investments Limited

93 Centennial Drive

P O Box # 2669, Windsor, Nova Scotia B0N 2T0

Ph: (902) 798-0140 Fax: (902) 798-0079

E-mail: providenceinvestments.ca


Winter Storage & Services Include

  • Six (6) month pre-paid storage (October 15 - April 15).
  • Clean, dry, heated and fully secured facility.
  • Battery to be removed and taken by owner at time of storage.
  • E-mail reminder or courtesy call in the spring from an associate for vehicle pick-up scheduling when storage timeframe is close to concluding.

Payment policy

Full payment of $ 300.00 is expected at the time of reservation. A space cannot be reserved until the non-refundable storage rate charge is collected. No discounts are given for late induction or early pick-up dates.

Penalty for late motorcycle pick-up

All motorcycles NOT picked up on or before April 15, 2013, will be subject to a $ 15.00 per day storage fee. Please provide more than a five (5) business day notice to the company to schedule any pick-up for storage.

Proof of ownership

Upon execution of this Agreement Owner shall provide to the Company a satisfactory proof of ownership of the Vehicle. If any person other than the registered owner of the Vehicle is placing it in storage, the Company shall be provided with satisfactory proof of written permission from the registered owner that such person is authorized to place the Vehicle in storage. The form of such written permission shall be satisfactory to the Company and shall include, but not be limited to, a notarized writing signed by the registered owner along with satisfactory proof of ownership.